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A good Freeborder knows that taking care of your equipment is essential to riding well. That's why regular tune-ups for your board are a must. The harder you shred, the more often you may need to replace parts and fine tune your hardware. The Deluxe Tune-Up kit saves you over $20 when bundled together.

The Freebord Deluxe tune-up kit comes with the most commonly replaced bits and pieces:
– 2 Baseplates
– 1 pairs of bushings of your choice
– 2 pivot cups
– 2 center wheel spacers
– 2 center wheel axles w/washers
– truck and S2 binding mounting hardware (12 bolts and nuts)
– 4 S2 binding height adjust screws
– 2 allen keys
– 1 Set of 12 stock bearings
– 2 Bushing washers
– 4 Edge wheel nuts
– 8 Speedwashers

-The hard (Neon Green) bushings are ideal for the heavier rider or those looking for more a responsive ride. -The soft (Neon Orange) bushings are better suited for smaller, lighter riders or those looking for more carving action. -Medium bushings come stock on all boards and are a great all around bushing to start out with.

Inspect your board before every ride to make sure that all its components are in working order. DO NOT ride your board if any parts are worn out, damaged, missing, loose, or badly maintained.


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Hard, Medium, Soft

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